Building and conversion

Gaillard Robert Architecture, your Swiss architect and builder!

Robert Gaillard travels throughout French-speaking Switzerland to build or convert your property. He works exclusively according to the building standards of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA).


Gaillard Robert Architecture - Construction - ValaisWhether homes, or principal or secondary residences, your architect will create individual homes and apartments for you. For craftspeople, Robert Gaillard will build covered markets or workshops. Your housebuilder is there to advise you; he will take into account your wishes and possibilities.

Establishing a relationship of trust and professionalism is essential. After analysing your building project and identifying your wishes, he will be guided by his experience and way of seeing your home, in relation to your ideas and budget, and will attempt to make your ideas feasible.

Gaillard Robert Architecture - Construction - ValaisYou then determine the architectural options together. Your architect will help you in choosing partners. He awards the works, decides the deadlines and works with them, according to the quality sought and best practices. Robert Gaillard is also supportive of your administrative procedures in terms of fact-finding.

Once the estimated cost of construction is known, your architect will draft a general estimate and plan of intent. The works contract is signed by each concerning party: the client, each contractor and the architect, who is then in charge of the works.

Once the building works have been completed, Robert Gaillard hands out a file to you containing all the contracts and warranties for the works.

Conversion and renovation

Gaillard Robert Architecture - Renovation - ValaisYour architect in Verbier can renovate your houses, apartments, chalets, villas and studios/workshops. He uses state-of-the-art materials, and enlarges and redistributes your home. He can modernise each room in your property, including your kitchen and/or bathroom.

Gaillard Robert Architecture also specialises in historic architecture. He restores protected buildings in line with the degree of protection of the building.

For those who not only own a building, but also an entire neighbourhood, Robert Gaillard also carries out town and country planning .

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